Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canon PowerShot SD790IS Review!

So, like I said on Monday, I made the leap and got a point and shoot. One of the things that made this a practically agonizing decision is that I wanted everything that I got from my big camera in mini size. Well, that ain't gonna happen. If you want a 1.8 aperture and coverage from wide angle to telephoto with a complete range of settings - get a DSLR. So, what I had to decide was what my biggest priorities were. In this case I needed something small enough that I would actually carry it around with me. I know me, if it is almost the same size as my DSLR I will just carry my DSLR and this doesn't solve any problems. Second was it had to offer some flexibility but be easy to use.

Let's start with what I like:
You can adjust ISO from 80-1600 (though I warn you that 800 and 1600 are REALLY grainy) This does allow you to take natural light pictures in most indoor settings. This camera is much better suited to bright scenes than low light though.
You may not be able to focus manually (and it does not have focus points) but you can pick your focal plane from macro, regular, and infinity.
You have the option of turning the flash off.
Several shutter options including continuous and timers. This camera, however, is not great for candid photography due to some significant shutter lag.
You can adjust the exposure to an extent. I would have rather had Shutter and Aperture priority modes, but small size trumped that requirement.
You can set custom white balance (and it does a pretty good job) above is auto and below is custom. Another bonus, setting the custom white balance is SUPER easy as long as you have a grey cloth or card.
What I don't like so much:
FINGER PRINTS! The entire camera shows them like crazy. It doesn't affect the performance I realize but it makes me a little crazy. The plus of the screen is though that it is pretty large and you get live view that you don't get from most DSLR cameras.
This last thing is not something that happened to this camera, but my husband had a similar camera with this lens cover and it would get stuck half open or closed or just generally not work right. he also can destroy about anything on the planet though so I don't know if that is a fair to the camera...
There you have it. The newest addition to my camera family!

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