Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Some NEW Material and a how-to

Today's tutorial is kind of two fold, tutorial slash show and tell. I have been working on developing some new marketing materials that can be included in my welcome packets as well as be something small that could be used as mailers and handouts that gives the flavor of what my style of photography is all about. For the format I picked a small booklet that is printed double sided on 8.5x11 paper and then stapled together at the spine. Here is a preview of what the un-assembled book looks like...(in case you were wondering the thick black borders on some of the pages are not there in the printed materials. I only included them here for visual clarity)

Front Cover
Introduction reads:

"You are pretty cool. You’ve got a great life and now you want to capture it and share it with your whole world. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.
Mollie Tobias Photography brings you lifestyle photography that’s all about you. Through the use of suggested situations and candid photography we provide you with photos that capture your personality at its best.
The best news is that with sitting fees starting at $100 and totally custom wedding packages beginning at about $2,100, there are lots of great reasons to let Mollie Tobias Photography document your life. What’s yours?



Family Portraits

Individual Portraits

Back Cover
When attempting to lay out something like this you don't just lay the pages out like you see them above. You have to lay them out on the paper so that when the print the correct one lines up with the correct one. See below for what the actual front and the back of the sheet looks like when ready for printing.

I like the press printing products at Bay Photo because the samples that I have received are very high quality printing and they have a pretty decent selection of finishes available to choose from. I could just print them on my home printer, naturally. The reason that I have chosen not to do that (I will print proofs on it first of course, but not the final product) is because your marketing materials set people's expectations of what level of service and product that they will be receiving from you. These are your first impression and you need it to say that you are serious, professional, and concerned about quality.
Please let me know what you think of the new stuff and have a great Wednesday!


sal t said...

So entertaining! I like the "Just because" picture. I totally know that profile!

sal t said...

Oh! i just noticed the girl with the daisies.

Mollie Tobias said...

took you a minute on that one, huh? Lucky for me I have such photogenic models...