Monday, April 20, 2009

Classic. Elegant. Perfect.

I had the good fortune to be invited to the wedding of a friend of mine yesterday evening and I have to say that I have a wedding crush. If I do ever have an real wedding, I would want it to be just like this one. Well, perhaps not the Episcopalian ceremony (nothing against them, I was just raised Methodist and a sudden switch for the sake of a wedding would be somewhat odd).

Since I was a guest, however, and not official, and therefor do not have a contract or a model release I can not post any people pictures until after the happy couple return from their honeymoon and I can ask permission. I am hopeful that they will be happy to share, so look forward to more in a few weeks...fingers crossed.

But, what I can post is pictures of products from the vendors...which gave me the idea to give this weeks posts a vendor-scentric theme. So, today I have some photographs of the flowers and cake and on Wednesday I will give some thoughts about cultivating vendor relationships.

So, without further ado, here we go...

The cake

The bride's bouquet
Each table had similar arrangements, but they were also each unique in some way. Normally I find weddings that are all black and white to be boring, but the flowers here had touches of blue (to match the bridesmaid's dresses), green, and pink and against the wooden interior of the fair barn and the twinkling white lights it was absolutely LOVELY. The whole wedding was simple and classy, but with touches of the bride and groom's personalities clearly shown.
There was a great jazz band playing, shrimp and pulled pork on the buffet along side potatoes and caviar, and (love this) a white guitar was their guest book. I have yet to see a wedding absolutely more perfect for the couple.
Enjoy the pictures and come back on Wednesday for more on vendors...

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