Monday, March 2, 2009

So, I was feeling a little down the other day. I am not exactly stressed (well I AM but that's not currently the problem) I have just been anxious like crazy. All this energy and no place to go. Well, I made it through another week - yeah! - even getting most of the things on my to-do list tackled - Awesome - but still feeling a bit in a funk. I walked in the door and there to greet me were my cat and two dogs all sitting in a row in front of the door. And they were so excited to see me! One look at their adorable little faces instantly put me in a good mood and so we danced around the room while I chanted "Friday, Friday" and they jumped and barked and wagged their tails. It was great.
People who do not like dogs I will never understand. They love you unconditionally, they are so darn cute, and they are great cuddlers. I understand that some people may be slightly skeptical when I say how "cute and cuddly" my two 60-90 pounds pit bull mixes are, but it is so true. They are the biggest lovers that you will ever see, even if they do have some issues.
I have pictures of them hanging by my desk when I am working and sometimes when I am stressed out or bored I just take a minute to look at how adorable - and dirty- they are and it makes me smile. I hope that you get to spend some time today with your thing that makes you smile. Happy Monday!

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