Monday, June 1, 2009

Family: Helena (Take Two)

*Yes, everyone please enjoy the x's where the pictures should be* Sorry, we were having some difficulty - most likely due to author error - but I think that everything should be up and running properly now. Please let me know if it is not. Thanks!

Helena is a friend of mine who I know through the Junior League. She also happens to really love photography. She recently discovered one of the drawbacks of being the photographer - you don't end up in any of your pictures. So, we were at a meeting one day and she tells me that she would really like some pictures of her with her kids. Did I think it would be strange to get the portraits done as a Mother's Day present to herself?

I throw myself birthday parties so of course I thought that it sounded like a great idea. We had a few false starts but we finally got the stars all aligned and got to go out and take these great, fun pictures. Helena and her kids were awesome and then everyone got to go have pizza afterwards. Even better.

Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

Beautifull pictures of my "lil"-SiS and her wonderfull family. Thanks for sharing over the ocean.
Ann (Helena's BiG SiS in Geneva, Switzerland) ..maybe we'll meet in NC

Mollie Tobias said...

I wish that I could send you the real thing but for now I guess that the pictures will have to do. I would love to meet you when you are in town! Enjoy the photos.