Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Site of the Week!

Okay, okay. I will put out a disclaimer on this one. It is Friday, and I am going to give you a link, but really this whole post is just because I am so super duper excited (enough to actually type super duper) and I want to tell people about it.

So, here is the link.

What's it for? The Joe McNally workshop that I just got a spot in for later next month! Can you say excited? So much great stuff to learn! Of course, I will give you all a review of it after I get back and put up lots and lots of great pictures. (At least they better be great or else I won't speak to myself for weeks)

Anyway, spend your weekend trying to find something that makes you as giddy and excited as this makes me and I will be thinking of everyone while I am hanging in Savannah, GA with some pals and hopefully taking cool portraits in the historic district. Have a great weekend!

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