Monday, May 4, 2009

Picture Monday!

So, last Thursday was my birthday! I am always excited about my birthday and generally remind everyone that it is coming for months in advance and then plan a big party. (Yes, I throw myself birthday parties and I'm okay with that) This year, though, I have been so busy that I did not go all out like usual with the menu planning and testing all the recipies and all that.

Instead, some friends and I went to dinner and then had some appletinis and (against our best judgement) sang some karaoke. Luckily for me, even though I did have my new camera with me, no photographic evidence exists of the evening...

So, to make up for it I have some pictures of the very pretty flowers that my ultra cool husband sent me. Enjoy!

(a little technical P.S. - the only difference between the last two photos is that for the first I had the drapes on the window behind me closed and in the second they were open. Yes the amount and quality of light does make that much of a difference!)

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