Wednesday, May 6, 2009

25 things

Okay, so this post is not incredibly instructive, but it is fun and who can't use a little fun, right?

It is called 25 things about me and it is, well exactly that. No subject, just the first 25 things about me that I feel like telling you. If you feel so inclined, post me something about you in the comments section (please don't feel obligated to do 25, one is fine). Here we go.

1. In my circle of friends I am known as the one who only bakes crazy over the top things. I like to cook, and I especially like to bake so I am always making things like triple chocolate mouse cake or chicken a la king.

2. On the subject of baking, I am still in search of the perfect recipe for chocolate cake and angel food cake. If you can pour some water and oil into a mix out of a box and it comes out great how can it be so hard to make from scratch? Makes no sense.

3. Sometimes I think that I talk about myself too much. Kinda ironic since I am admitting that on a blog where I talk about myself...but anyway, I have been actively trying to become a better listener.

4. I have an attention span of about 3.5 seconds and I almost never remember anyone's name the first time I meet them. I didn't even remember my husbands name when we first met, but that's another story.

5. I find ironing kinda therapeutic. It's not like I ever want to iron, but when I am doing it, I like it.

6. I sing along to the radio constantly, but I don't sing in the shower.

7. I have run two half marathons, but I will probably never be a fast runner. I am just stubborn and won't quit.

8. I am planning our next vacation to Glacier National Park at the end of the summer and I am SO excited. We are taking a week long backpacking trip. Our last vacation was Yosemite and it was awesome. I recommend it to anyone that likes hiking and the outdoors. We also happen to be overly ambitious vacationers. We hiked about 50 miles in three days and climbed the upper falls, clouds rest, and half dome.

9. I need a twitter tutor. I have an account, but I really just don't get how the whole thing works...I need "Twitter for dummies" or something. I'm very intimidated by it so I mostly just don't use it.

10. I am an only child, but after both of my parents remarried and I got married I now have about a dozen brothers and sisters.

11. I hate the cold. I especially hate being cold and wet and being cold in the rain in about the worst thing that I can imagine.

12. I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design and have a BFA with a major in interior design and a minor in architecture. Savannah might just be my favorite city ( I won't make it final because there are a lot of cities that I haven't been to yet)

13. I have only left the country once when we went on a cruise to Mexico and I don't really think that counts since I did not even get to use my passport, but I have a serious travel bug.

14. On of my many great grandparents on my paternal grandmother's side was aristocracy (a Viscount I believe) in Scotland way back in the day and the castle that they lived (Lumley Castle) in is still standing.

15. I have a library card (my friends think that I may be the only person under 50 besides Carrie Bradshaw who still does) and I like to walk in and pick something up of the new release cart and just start reading to see if I like it. If I start it and I don't I just go pick another one.

16. I am mildly obsessed with the Twilight series which is embarrassing considering my age.

17. I am a chronic list maker. I have to do lists for everyday of the week saved in my blackberry and if I am really busy one week I will go all out and write it out so that I can get the satisfaction of checking things off the list. I even had a count down list before my father in law visited that my friends found hilarious.

18. I am almost always optimistic and trying to find the positive spin on events. Like when I just found out that I needed a new engine cooling fan I told myself that at least they caught it before my water pump failed and my engine exploded. Things can pretty much always be worse than they are.

19. My cat, Lily, is incredibly evil and devious. I don't know how she turned out this way. I feel like a bad pet parent for raising something so mischievous.

20. I can't even imagine being a vegetarian. Or a vegan! (no cake or cookies!) Not that I have anything against them, but I just like food way too much to limit myself that way. Never have buffalo wings again? Unfathomable.

21. I grew up on a farm in Iowa in a town with 4,000 people and 2 stop lights. My graduating class was the largest in the history of the school at 120 people.

22. I graduated college Magna Cum Laude and didn't know it until about a year later because I did not attend graduation. Four and a half hours in the un-air conditioned civic center in Savannah? No, thank you.

23. I am on the board of the Junior League of Moore County, a charitable organization for women that focuses on helping women and children in the community as well as developing the leadership potential of our members. I am constantly trying to get people to join.

24. I used to shoot competitive shooting events with my husband all the time. I'm good with a long range rifle. I only had three rules for the competitions: don't shoot anyone, don't be last, and don't cry. I broke the last rule once when I got hit in the face with a shot gun, but the other two I have a clean record.

25. I think that I am much bigger and stronger than I really am. ( I think that I have short man syndrome). I once spent an hour trying to push a king size mattress up the stairs by myself before finally asking for help. I'm nothing if not determined.

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sal t said...

I love you! Twilight is awesome. All my friends read it. Lily get's it from her "father". In connection to that, I almost always break rule 3 on 24. I blame your husband.