Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Site of the Week!

So, today was supposed to be the big day where I announce the launch of my new website...but, there seem to be some technical issues (imagine that, technology not working as expected) that I am still working with the hosting company to fix.

To make up for it I am going to give you a link and some pictures instead. The link is for the awesome hotel that I stayed at while I was in NYC over the weekend for the McNally workshops. You can visit their site here.

I admit that since I have a degree in interior design I am a sucker for a cute interior, which this hotel has in spades. It is located at 24th Street and 3rd Ave. and I walked from here to everyplace from Soho to Chinatown to Central Park. (I like to walk but not everyone may want to walk quite that much) Most of this walking was done by myself, some with my camera, and I never once felt unsafe. The staff was great. They looked up my train departure time for me and gave me recommendations for where to find Pizza (Mike's just up 3rd at 25th) and were really friendly and easy to deal with.

The photo above was taken out my hotel window. I had a room on the 9th (of 10) floors right on the corner. It turns out that I had the largest room on the floor and - get this - it was $120 a night! I booked straight through the hotel and not through orbitz or expedia though it was listed on both sites.

The hotel is full of great details like a zebra lamp shade on the ceiling fixture...

The marble bathroom...

Even the toiletries were cute. The shampoo and conditioner had the greatest eucalyptus scent. I am in love with them.
On the day that I checked out the held my bags for me all day since I did not leave for the airport until 4PM. When I was ready to leave for the airport they told me that they had a car that could take me for a flat rate of $35. I had paid almost $30 for a taxi on the way there so I said that was fine. I got outside and it was not just a car, it was a white stretch limo! Yep, check me out I was rolling through Manhattan in a limo. Pretty cool. All stated this hotel rocks and if you are going to NYC anytime soon I highly recommend it. Have a great weekend!

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