Friday, August 7, 2009

2nd Runner up and Friday Site of the Week

Today I am going to go ahead and wrap up the photowalk stuff. Before I announce the 2nd runner up I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the walkers one last time. It was a great experience and I am glad that I got a chance to meet you all. Hopefully we will be able to hold another walk next year.

Now, on to some important business! Our second runner up was Mike Sparks. Mike will be receiving a lens and sensor cleaning kit and a pack of screen protectors courtesy of Staples. I chose this image because of its good composition, nice black and white tone, and also because of the sense of nostalgia that it brings me to look at it. When I look at this image I go back to being nine years old and being on summer vacation without a care in the world. Congratulations to Mike!

I also wanted to do some honorable mentions, so here we go:

Most creative goes to Baxter and Taylor Clement for their use of props in all of their images. I saw these little guys popping up everywhere and they sure were fun to watch.

Favorite Black and White:

Best Portrait:

Best Flower:

Best Architectural:

Best Animal ( I am a sucker for pitbulls):

Best Action:

For your site of the week log on to your worldwide photo walk account and look at the "my blogs" tab. You should now have a tab for the overall worldwide photowalk blog. If you click go to dashboard for that blog you should be able to see all of the local winners from around the world. Thanks again to everyone who participated and have a great weekend!

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