Monday, February 9, 2009

"The Guys"

Here are a selection of some of the formal shots from a recent wedding. While I like to follow a more candid approach to my photography in general I just can't imagine NOT having formal portraits from your wedding. Maybe not thirty with everyone there included, but I am not going to be one of those prima donna photographers who only "allows" you five or six formal shots in your coverage. It is your day! If you want to spend the entire hour on formals with the family and not have any more casual shots with just you and your new husband / wife then that's what we will do because it is your wedding and today is your day to be the rock star calling the shots.

I have even set up a "photo receiving line" for one couple so that they could get portraits of all of their guests as they were leaving the reception. I'll be honest with you, not a lot of photographers like doing things like that. The chance of a sale is low, the photos are not going to be portfolio material when you are running them assembly style, and it makes more work since they all still need to be edited. Doesn't matter to me. If the client wants it, that's what they get. Period.

We were shooting the formals right around noon (which is death for pictures) on the middle of a golf course (No shade!) but luckily it clouded over just enough to make the light soft and flattering and so I did not use any additional lighting. This picture will be the focus of an upcoming tutorial on a technique that I like to use for retouching so stay tuned for that...

"Happily Ever After"

The funny thing about this shot is that most of the time that I spent in photoshop was spent on the grass. Sure, we may have been on a golf course in California, but I'll let you in on a little secret, even the "green" courses - ones that water all year long and plant several varieties of grass to keep it looking lush year long- aren't really that green in the winter. It's a small thing that they might not even have noticed, but I couldn't stand all the little brown patches in the background.

I love the way that the Groom is looking at her in this photo and this may be one of the few shots with a natural looking smile the whole day from him! Guys are so funny about smiling in photos. You just got married! You're happy! Smile like you mean it!

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