Friday, February 6, 2009

I have a couple stories to share just to show you why weddings rock. They are so interesting! For some reason weddings give people the feeling that for a short period of time, the rules do not apply and it is time to party. I love these great little stories.

The first one I did not get to witness first hand. There was a lot of drama involved with the wedding in the first place (the bride was marrying her cousin and ex-best friends' ex-boyfriend - who everyone in her family hates) Evidentially, at some point in the evening ( I am assuming this was a little while after the open bar started up) someone noticed that the basket with the gift envelopes had significantly fewer envelopes than it had at the beginning of the reception. An investigation was launched, and it turned out that one of the bridesmaid's dates was stealing the money and tossing the envelopes on the grounds. The police were called, the young man was taken to jail, then the bridesmaid's father had to go bail him out. All of this happened in a very small town, I think that people are still talking about it.

The next story happened at a wedding that I shot a couple of weeks ago. It was a daytime wedding which wrapped around 4. Many of the guests and the bridal party decided to then move the party over to a restaurant/bar near the hotel. There was drinking and eating and celebrating and towards the end of the night I happened to be standing in a small group with the Groom's mother when one of the Groomsmen walked up, quite drunk. He started in on something with "God $#@& F*&@&%!" and the Groom's mom fixes him with a look to kill and says "Now what did Mommy Rhonda* (not her real name) tell you about the deer. Everyone looked around puzzled, having no idea what she was referring to. She told the guy to come sit down next to her and held his hand. She starts again in a soft, calm momma voice, "I told you that if you said that F-word again tonight I was going to gut you like a deer, didn't I?" She said it with such seriousness that everyone watching was a little torn between hilarity and fear. Then she follows it up with "I love you like a son, so I'll do it." That might have been the only part of the evening that managed to penetrate that particular gentleman's booze soaked brain because he did stop using that word, shortly before getting the entire wedding party cut off from the bar.

What great stuff! You can't just make things like that up!

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