Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As promised, here is a link to Stacy Reeves blog where she has put together a great guide to pricing your wedding photography. You can go and download it here. While you are there check out the rest of her blog. She does a great job of really letting you get a feel for what she is like and has some amazing content to share.

If you are a client and not a photographer go ahead and take a look too so that you can understand a little bit about how we arrive at the numbers that we charge you.

The thing that people sometimes don't realize is that the price of your package not only covers the actual products themselves, but also the photographer's time (if I spend 8 hours at a wedding I will spend approximately 10-12 hours at the computer editing the photos and even more time on top of that to format for printing, calibrate, order, and design albums).

The prices also have to cover overhead like rent, equipment, and software (of which a lot of costly stuff is required). It may seem like a lot, but there is so much attention going into your final product and everything you are getting is top notch, high quality product as opposed to printing it at Wal-mart or snapfish. You get pro quality materials, editing, design, and customer service. What you are really paying for is the overall experience and you just can't get that from a discount retailer.

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