Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change will do you good

Here is my problem with my website and blog: It is very important to me that both my website and my blog really showcase my personality so that people can get an idea of what makes me tick. While I feel like I have been working really hard at making this come across, I do not feel like I have been working smart. Yes, I could break down and hire a branding consultant or a graphic designer. I probably should do that, but I am not going to do that right now because I am still saving for my magical 17” Mac Book Pro that will come along and solve all of my problems (including world peace) for me. So, for now, I am flying solo.

One thing that I feel is contributing to this lack of personality is the fact that when I sit down to write my blog posts I am usually A) stressed out, B) short on time, C) half-asleep, or all of the above and then some. As a result I tend to default to a “Just the facts, Ma’am” mindset that gets the point across but could really use a bit more spark.

So, in an effort to get more “me” out there, I am going to implement a couple of changes around here. The first big change will be that I am going to combine the Wednesday tutorial and the Friday Site of the Week into one post. I am not certain of a name yet but I was thinking something along the lines of “Super Awesome Weekend Surprise”. Okay, maybe I will keep brainstorming on that one. I still plan to create tutorials and content for you guys when I can but I had to face the facts that this is a photographer’s blog and I (sadly) cannot be all things to everyone. The end of the week post will be more like a collection of things around the web that I think are interesting throughout the week and I will still be posting links to cool stories and info on my Twitter (MollieTobias).

This downsizing is not a bad thing I swear! It is being done so that I can make room for a new weekly post that will be a little more personal in nature. It may or may not be photography related but this new segment is going to be along the lines of an online journal of thoughts, stories, photos, and whatever else randomly pops up throughout my week. I am hoping that this will help ya’ll be able to connect with me on a more personal level as well as encourage me to take more photos that are not strictly work related. We will give it a go for a little while and then you guys can comment and let me know if you like the new format.

And here’s a little food for thought as you go forth to enjoy the rest of your Wednesday:“No one ever knows exactly what they are doing all of the time either at their job or in their personal lives. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is selling something. Prepare as much as possible, find allies that you trust, be confident, and then just get out and do it. Doing it is the most important part. That is how we learn, grow, and improve.

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