Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly Fixations - October 30th

So here is the debut of the new combined Tutorial and Site of the Week. I am trying out the name "Weekly Fixations". What do you think? I've got some good stuff from the past week so be sure to check out the links. Have a great weekend!

Splendid Communications:
This past week the site had some good Twitter related info. I learned some things from the RT tips.
Wedding Twitter Lists to Follow
6 Tips for using Re-tweets to your advantage

Rock'n Roll Bride
I have seen a few colored wedding dresses and I think that if you do it right, like this Ruffled yellow dress, it can be really stunning and how fun to photograph something different.

Plucked from a Love Story - has awesome processing that I want to learn how to apply

Braving Wind and Rain - I work exclusively on location so I can remember quite a few times when a shoot has been called for rain. Now I wish that I can find a couple this daring. The images in the rain look awesome!

Style Me Pretty:
Summer Wedding has the most gorgeous cake along with a great subtle color palette. I like how they incorporated a whole range of tones rather than just sticking to the "my wedding is pink" mindset.

Grey Likes Weddings:
cloth flowers from Milk Pod Studio are such a cool idea. I like the thought of being able to have your wedding bouquet as a keepsake and while you can dry your flowers they just are not as pretty once they are dried. These will stay just like they were at your wedding forever.

sofa, shawl, tins, and more cloth flowers in Grandma's Attic. I have recently become mildly obsessed with finding a vintage sofa, but alas the studio furniture budget will not allow one right now...

Green Wedding Shoes:
Thank You how great are those huge mirrored letters? I have always loved putting a beautiful thing against something gritty and dirty to make them both bring out the extremes in the other and these images are to die for.

Hello Lucky!:
Custom Holiday Cards - I love the first one.

Boutwell Studio:
This post of Max and Mark from Oct 22 is so freakin cute that I can hardly stand it. I don't have babies, so I have to settle for dressing up my dogs (who hate it). This is just possibly cuter than my pups...

Jim Hjelm Occasions:
Style 5935 - I like how the back is such a surprise with the ruffles, but I wish that the front had a little more going on.

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