Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Fixations - December 4

Start us off with a little eye candy here and here.

For my brides out there a thank you note tracker from Inspired Bride.

Another reason to love Etsy (as if I needed more)

Cute DIY matchbook covers.

Buy Our Honeymoon via Rock'n Roll Bride. I would much rather get my friends a first class ticket upgrade or breakfast in bed on their honeymoon then some plates - especially if the couple is not straight out of college and already have most of their housewares.

Check out Open Shade a place for photographers to share their pet charity projects.

I love pom poms. I used to be a cheerleader (bet you didn't know that). Win some pom poms here.

Ah, Style Me Pretty ... I love several things in this inspiration board. First the invites for the vineyard wedding with the hand-made paper spine and the two interlocking wine rings. Next, those glasses or whatever they are in the bottom row. I want them.

On a completely non-photography related note ... this pine cone garland looks really easy and very festive. I may just have to make one so I can at least say I decorated a little bit for the holidays.

I like the idea from this guest post on Scott Kelby's blog from Eric Ryan Anderson about taking a trip and producing a magazine style book from it. Or just the idea of the trip. The idea of approaching complete strangers and asking to photograph them is kinda scary too me though.

Jasmine Star interviewed Rebecca Crumley (photo editor for the Knot magazine) about things you should do when submitting wedding photography to a publication.

Why did it never occur to me to have customized gift tags? How awesome.

I love the Inspiration to Reality Challenges at Style Me Pretty. Check out the photos here, here, and here. This ones is especially pretty and what I really like about the shoots is that there is not really that much there (a table, dresser, some chairs, a cake...) but they really pack a punch with what they do include. I think this is great inspiration for your own wedding. Rather than spreading things thin, concentrate your efforts in several strategic areas and keep everything else simple.

Fix for overexposed backgrounds via Digital ProTalk

tutorial to Make your own tilt-shifts.

I have a busy weekend (TWO weddings!) so I hope that you all get in a little bit more relaxing than I am going to get. I can't wait for it to be Christmas so I can have a little down time with the family (and some very warm clothes!). Hope it's a great one!

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