Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordle and what it taught me about SEO

Think Splendid is one of the blogs that I read everyday (I just went into my google reader to see how many blogs I follow and it is 50 - yikes!) If you haven't heard of them yet here is a little bit about them from their website:
"Welcome to Think Splendid, the blog of Splendid Communications! We are an online media consultancy serving the wedding and hospitality industries. We help companies discover and maximize their online voice in order to effectively increase their brand presence and add to their bottom line.
We believe that social media is a return to old-fashioned roots of real conversations rather than a high-tech race to keep up with the next big thing. While the tools will always evolve, the need for businesses to communicate effectively and deepen relationships with their customers will remain.
Splendid Communications subscribes to the view that the world is a bakery that produces fresh opportunities each day and not a fixed pie where each person has to fight for the last crumb. The purpose of our blog is to encourage you to Think Splendid; both in business and in life."
Yesterday I ran across this article on their blog which shows an easy way to evaluate your blog's keywords using a site called Wordle. When you get to the site you either paste in a bunch of text or enter in your blog's url and it creates an image of the most commonly used words on your blog. The bigger the word the more you use it. I entered the address for the Mollie Tobias Photography blog and got this:

Evidentally I say "Great" a lot. Weddings shows up big which is good, but both "photography" and "Mollie Tobias Photography" are nowhere to be found! There is also no mention of portrait photography, another big area of my business. You may be asking yourself why this information is important. Solid question. It is important because search engines use these keywords to rank your website or blog when they deliver search results. Of the 367 impressions (times my website showed up as a result of a google search) last month, 212 of them were when someone searched for "photographer", "photographers", or "photography". Makes you think huh?

So, now if you see a post on my blog that just says "wedding and portrait photographer" over and over again you'll know why. Okay, I was kidding about that part. I wouldn't do that just to increase my SEO (and because they have little bots that find out that is what you are doing and take you out of the search results completely).

Whether you use this site for checking your website's keywords or just for fun be sure to go on over and check it out. Have a lovely (notice I didn't say the "g" word?) Wednesday!

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