Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Deciding Moment

I was reading a blog recently where a prominent photographer was asked to share the moment when he fell in love with photography and he could trace it back to one precise shoot when he was a teenager. I do not think that my evolution into being a photographer was as finite as that.

Photography was always something that I liked, but until quite recently that was all that it was. A little over a year ago it finally occurred to me that photography could be my job.

I went to school for Interior Design and Architecture. What I really liked about design was the mixture of creative and technical. I liked how you could use technology to create art.

Unless you are incredibly independently wealthy and have been living under a rock you probably noticed that there has been a recession going on the past few years. Building trades don't do well in recessions. It became obvious to me that what I was doing in Interior Design was not working for me and I needed to come up with a plan B. That plan B was either go back to school and get my Architecture degree or become a photographer professionally. I decided to start researching what it would take to run my own business and become a photographer.

I read everything that I could get my hands on both in print and on the Internet. I joined Twitter and Facebook. I starting shooting and I practiced. Then I practiced some more. I never really felt like there was a moment that "made" me a photographer. Maybe it was booking my first client who was a complete stranger. Or my first blog comment that was not from my friends. I do remember the first wedding image that made me feel like maybe I could be alright at this. It was an image from my best friends wedding of her and her husband kissing. Technically speaking, the shot was not stellar. I had blown highlights everywhere and I was just shooting what the "official" photographer had set up, but when I downloaded it the after I got home I thought it was pretty darn good thankyouverymuch.

Did you have a "moment" when you knew that photography was for you? A specific image that made you feel like you'd really made it? I'd love to hear your stories!

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