Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Fixations - January 22, 2010

First off, I have complete ADD when it comes to watching videos on the Internet. I am on my computer a lot so if I am going to spend 10 minutes watching something it had better be good. This video of Jessica Claire's wedding shot by Elysium and featured on Style Me Pretty is all that and more. Just a few things about it that make it worth your time, the effects in the video are so like the photoshop effects that would be used on the actual photographs. That alone is worth it. Second, I love all of the details that they managed to focus on. In the video she has two different head pieces and two dresses. How great is that? Last, if you are still reading you are obviously intrigued so just go watch it already.

4 ways to format images for the internet.

Very cute printable vintage Valentine's Day cards.

I love how these shadow boxes make both the pictures of the bride and her mother look like they belong together. This would be a great display in your home.

If you have ever been terrified of having to fly with your camera gear this article proposes an interesting solution - fly with a weapon.

DIY Valentine's Day brownie bags!
What are you doing to move your business forward?

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