Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Fixations - January 15, 2010

Metering Modes explained at Digital Photography School.

This post is a great example of paying attention to detail in your marketing materials. Love it!

I am really not much of a baby person, but the child in these photos is so cute and the photography is wonderful.

More scrumptious looking appetizers from the Pioneer Woman.

12 collections of photos from around the world in 2009.

A tip on using Twitter hashtags.

I found this article on getting to know your subject better, and not only is it a great practice, the story and the image that go with it are lovely as well.

A couple of very lovely weddings from Style Me Pretty. I love the color palettes that are muted but so diverse.

21 Most popular photography posts n Digital Photography School in 2009.

I always love reading Jasmine Star's blog and I particularily like a comment in this post. She says, " remind me of how happiness feels. It feels like a strong wind. It feels like dark chocolate ice cream. It feels like the palm of JD's hand. It feels beautiful. " I love that. She is so poetic sometimes.

Check out this site if you are a bargain hunter... pre-owned wedding dresses.

Look at this great new take on the wedding album! It is an album that features a built-in lcd screen that shows videos.

When I first saw this wedding on Style Me Pretty it made me think of quiet life in an English garden and then...wait a minute, is that a peacock? It is! Check it out here, here, and here.

Another inspiration to Reality here, here, and here.

The details on these cakes are increbidle.

Love the attention to detail on this packaging from Piperlime.

This wedding has such great color! It makes me wish for summer... sigh.

This is a lovely wedding from Christian Oth Studio.

Check out the photos at the bottom of this post and then go check out Braedon's blog.

These DIY glass bead necklaces are adorable.

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