Monday, September 21, 2009

Picture Monday - Costumes!

When I was growing up in Iowa I remember always being so excited for it to be summer. Summer meant getting to wear shorts, swimming in the creek by my house with my friends, and seemingly endless hours of daylight to run around in. As I get older, I am afraid, Summer has started to lose a bit of it's appeal. First, there is no summer break. Next, "office appropriate" shorts really are more like capris and being outside when it is in the 90's with 90% humidity just isn't that much fun. Then there are the mosquito's...

So, I am now really very excited that it is Fall. It may not be full on Fall yet, but you can catch hints of it in the cooler air in the mornings and a few leaves on the sidewalk. With Fall comes my favorite holiday, Halloween. Now, some people may find this cruel but every Halloween for the party we dress up the pets in costumes. Why? Because it is so freakin cute. This is a picture of Lily last year. Notice that she is really, really not very happy with me but she looks adorable. I have yet to pick the theme for their costumes this year. Any suggestions?

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