Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Variations on a theme...

Getting dressed in the morning is usually a matter of finding something clean in my closet and then pairing it with some pants. Morning is not a creative time for me which is why I generally spend my mornings responding to emails and doing paperwork.

My creativity does not usually kick in until around 10am. So, it was rather surprising that yesterday I got dressed in a very cute outfit of dove grey trousers, an embellished white tank, coral long sleeved cardigan, and cute red flats with a snake skin toe with very little effort. About half way through the day I was looking in the mirror and thinking to myself that my outfit would make a really good color scheme for a wedding. I started daydreaming about a vintage-mod wedding with a Hollywood glamour satin gown with a coral sash and a little caplet with a net veil over one eye. I started picturing bridesmaids dresses that were all knee length coral but all different designs. Coral flower stud earrings for bridesmaids gifts... Men in dove grey tuxedos with matching ties...

I could go on. I plan weddings in my head all the time. So I had this idea rolling around in my head already when I saw a post on Style Me Pretty (link here) showing a honeymoon inspired bridal shower. Then the thought struck me - because I like to hyper organize things - wouldn't it be cool to have all events relating to your wedding follow the same theme.

Let's assume for my example that you are having a vintage-mod wedding with cream, coral, and dove grey as your colors and you are going to Napa on your honeymoon. Then you can have your engagement photos taken at a wine bar and have your wardrobe coordinate with your wedding colors. You can use a photo from your engagement session (which already matches your theme and colors) for your save the dates and photo guest book. Your bachelorette weekend can be a wine tasting and a trip to the spa (complete with cream terry robes and little silver wine charms for your girls). Then you throw the Napa themed bridal shower and host a rehearsal dinner that features regional food and wine. You can use photos from your engagement sessions again as decor for these events. I love the idea of your engagement shoot, bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, wedding, and honeymoon all coordinating. Then, with all of your events around a theme your guests really get more of an experience when they attend your wedding and it gets them more involved. Many of your friends and family traveled long distances and took time off work to come celebrate with you so it is nice for them to feel like they are really a part of the whole event and not just a bystander to your party.

Another thing you should keep in mind is if you are not going to have a photographer at all of these events you should keep the details from the events so that they can be photographed with your wedding. Details are key to telling the story of your wedding, especially if you are hoping to have your wedding published. You should also be sure to communicate any special details with your photographer. They do not know that you made every single wedding favor by hand unless you tell them! Is your wedding ring the same ring that both your mother and grandmother wore? Tell them and they can design a page in your album that features the ring with pictures of you, your mother, and your grandmother. For your photographer to be able to tell your story they have to KNOW your story so don't be shy telling them all about it. This is an event that is all about you.

Hope that gives you some things to think about for your Wednesday. Have a great one!

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