Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Site of the Week: Gearing up for tomorrow's photowalk

Hey, everyone! I am very excited about the photowalk tomorrow morning and I wanted to take a few minutes today to try to give you all the last minute info that you will need.

First things first, the walk starts at 10AM in front of the Southern Pines Public Library on Connecticut Avenue between Broad Street and Bennett Street. You should plan to be there a few minutes before 10 so that we may start promptly. Don't be that guy and make everyone wait for you. I also want to take a group picture at the beginning of the walk so we will need a few minutes to do that as well. I have will maps of the route on the day of for everyone, but it a simple route so it will be pretty hard to get lost. We will end at around noon at the corner of Bennett and Pennsylvania Ave. I did not know how many people would be interested, but you guys have been great and we have more than 30 people participating! Because of this if some people would like to have Mexican and some would like to go elsewhere (sushi, bell tree, ice cream parlor, etc.) we may split into two groups after the walk. We will play it by ear. I will also be sure to park my car at our end point if anyone needs a ride back to the library parking lot, or feel free to park in either of the two municipal lots at our end point. All of these are public lots and free parking.

A word on safety: Be aware of your surroundings when we are out on the walk. I do not want anyone walking out into traffic to get "the shot". Safety first always! Next, be sure to wear sunscreen and you may also want to bring a hat and sunglasses. It is going to be hot. Be sure to being some water with you to keep hydrated while on the walk route. The forecast looks hit or miss, but this is a rain or shine sort of event so be sure to bring rain protection for both you and your camera just in case. Other than that, wear comfy clothes and good walking shoes and be prepared to have fun.

Before the walk (or better yet right now), be sure that you have your login info. You will need this to upload your photos after the walk. Test it before hand and make sure it works, then put it somewhere safe. If you have lost your info go to this link to retrieve it. Also, go download the Free Lightroom Trial and the photowalk plug-in if you plan to upload using Lightroom 2.0. Be sure to verify your password and log-in info with the plug-in as well.

I will be unavailable from the 22nd until the deadline to upload your photos on the 25th, so if you think that you will need some help, you should upload your photos as soon after the event as possible. Otherwise I will not be available to help you. You should also check out these videos before the event to familiarize yourself with the uploading process. I do not have a preference whether you upload using the lightroom plug-in or directly to the website. Do whatever is easiest for you.

Here is a list of important deadlines after the walk:

July 25, 11:59 pm EST: Deadline for photo walkers to upload their images for consideration. No photos received after this time will be considered in the contest.

August 1, 11:59 EST: Deadline for walk leaders to upload the best photo from their walks. No photos received after this time will be considered in the contest.

August 17: The grand prize winner and 10 honorable mentions will be announced on the Worldwide Photo Walk website.

I did get some prizes donated, but I will save that for before the walk so it can be a surprise! I look forward to seeing you all Saturday morning!

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