Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friday Site(s) of the Week!

Hey everyone! As promised I am compiling a list of links to all things photowalk related.

First, be sure to go to the main photowalk to look at the prizes, gear guide, and FAQ. Then, be sure to download your free trial of lightroom if you don't have it already. Also there is probably still time if you would like to purchase an official photowalk t-shirt to benefit Springs of Hope orphanage in Kenya (got mine already)

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and read the archives for the worldwide photo walk blog. It has links to all sorts of great resources including that blog post I linked to in my Monday post.

Next week there will be a post everyday leading up to the big walk next Saturday so be sure to read up.

Next up, Jeff Revell at PhotowalkPro, the link is for a guide to photowalking, but his whole blog is dedicated to it.

This last one is actually on the wwpw blog site but I gave it it's own link anyway:

If anyone has any last minute questions be sure to let me know. I will be at the Sandhills Photography Club meeting on Monday night to talk a bit about it as well. That's it for me. Have a great weekend!

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