Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Fixations - November 6th

I re-arranged to put this post first because it is that good and that important. The post is a guest post by Tyler Stableford on Scott Kelby's blog. Please go read the post. Doing something like this is one of the things that I would really love to do in my career. On a small scale I try to do it now with the JLMC but this post has inspired me to try a little harder and maybe loo a little more closely for ways that I can use my skills to help others.

I have always wondered how some photographers can take 4000 images at a wedding but after seeing this post from the Poser:Image blog I now know. The depth of coverage is amazing! These photos really do tell the story of the day down to the last detail. I am going to be sure to work in a lot more details at my next event as well.

Last week I talked about how cool I thought colored wedding dresses were and here is another great ORANGE dress. (I know, I thought that it would be weird too but it is lovely)

Post from Scott Kelby about some great light stands that have legs that automatically fold in when you lift them.

This post from Rock'n Roll bride is so great for anyone who either wants a vintage styled dress or is on a budget. This designer has ready made dresses from $400 and custom from $800. Can you believe? Awesome.

Also discovered this great wedding planner's website, Helen Carter Weddings, via Rock'N Roll Bride. The site is stuffed full of great articles about all aspects of planning including how to handle some tricky situations like telling people that your wedding is adults only or dealing with divorced parents.

These cake toppers from the small object are totally custom and you can even add your pets.

I absolutely love the idea of having part of your favors be a family tree like the one shown here. What a great idea! How often have you gone to an event and had no idea who anyone was or how they were all related? That happens to me with my own family! Not to mention the family trees are so beautifully made they could go on to be a keepsake. Speaking of nice paper goods check out the invites in this story and this story. Love the modern take on the invites. This must be the week for paper goods, check out this amazingly great store - Mr. Boddington's Studio- featured on Style Me Pretty.

Love this photo shoot from Stella Alesi Photography. I am especially intrigued by the flowers in her hair. I love those! Where did she get them? Note: she MADE them!

How creative is this...the couple actually hired a painter to paint a canvas of them at their wedding! She started the evening sketching a scene from the reception and by the end they had a finished custom work of art. Pretty cool.

Splendid Communications posted this article with info you need to know if you pay to advertise on a blog or website. The fine going into effect in December is a big one so be sure to read it and see if it applies to you.

These wall decals by SurfaceFlik are intriguing to me...I like them but my husband may not be such a big fan.

I am loving these postcards featured by Style me Pretty. If you go to Papeterie website you can actually see all of the possible color combos and change them at will. Very fun.

I have about fifty more blog posts to go through in my reader for this week but I had to draw the line somewhere! Have a great weekend!

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