Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Fixations - November 13th

Sorry for the late post today! Being gone most of the week has put me way behind on my blog reading (among other things like house cleaning, and putting my laundry away) plus, it is Friday the 13th....I personally don't mind Friday the 13th since Friday the 6th is one of my favorite days and you can't have a Friday the 6th without a Friday the 13th. Yin and yang as it were. So here we go...

This week I am going to start out with a couple who is crazy and clever. I won't tell you too much more about it but check it out here. Took some guts to pull that one off, huh?

I like Jessica Claire. I don't know her, but I like her - and I love my shootsac as well :) I like her even more for writing this post. As you all know I too have been struggling with my personal identity versus my blog/professional identity so this post is a great inspiration. I reminds me of a quote I heard that said something to the effect of "take a stand, nobody cares about neutral". It is scary to be fully yourself with a bunch of strangers who are made bolt by the anonymity of the Internet. Jessica, you rock!

I really like the idea proposed in this blog post on Ritzy Bees site about having a wine and cheese reception at a vineyard. Awesome. Wine, cheese, great photo locations...what more could you want (besides cake)?

This post has nothing to do with weddings, but the images are amazing. David Guttenfelder is a truly gifted photojournalist.

I like this idea featured on unbride. What a great way to get some really cool new images.

Over at Jim DiVitale's website he has just debuted a new way to access his tutorials. You can view the post here.

I think that I have already mentioned that I love Halloween. That said, I am still not sold on a gothesque Halloween wedding. This wedding, however, is a cute mix of sophisticated and fun with a Halloween theme. They even had a pumpkin carving contest!

Since the holidays are coming up and this is a great cause you can kill two birds with one stone! Shopping and helping out families in need. Heiffer is a great organization and I love how they are not giving handouts but helping people to become self-reliant.

First, as I have mentioned previously, I love the idea of furniture outside. Second, these photos are lovely in a dress-up sort of way. I like that it feels boudoir without being boudoir.

Crash Taylor (who is awesome) does a great interview series on his blog. The latest post interviewing Jaco Fourie is amazing. You have to see these pictures. Wow. I especially like the one in the rain. Jaco may just be my new lighting hero.

I am loving all of the outfits featured in this post and this post from All Things Lovely. This is so not helping me clothing budget stay in check.

I am intrigued by the idea that Help Portrait is putting forth. I might try looking into setting up something locally... anyone who is interested leave me a comment or send me a message on facebook.

Loving these free vintage label downloads from i do it yourself.

I had no idea that letterpress machines like this even existed, but now that I do - I want one. If you do too go enter the contest on i do it yourself.

Gasp! I have been toying with trying to find a way to watermark / border the images from my blog. The most recent incantation that you have seen was inspired by Jubilee Fine Art Photography. I ran across this one today and I LOVE it! Now I just need to find some way to merge them all together and create something awesome.

And finally, a little bit of humor for your weekend...

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