Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekly Fixations - November 27th

So much to love about this wedding at Style Me Pretty. Flowers with feathers, and that dress...I am loving colored wedding dresses more and more and I especially like the cheeky reversal putting the bridesmaids in white or baby pink and the bride in a statement color. While you are there, check out this eye candy too.

I have been seeing a lot of really creative, super colorful florals lately like these at ruffled and these at Helen Carter Weddings. Love the blues and purples. I didn't even know that blue orchids existed.

I have been wrestling with this dilemma about handwriting addresses vs. having printed labels. I want my business correspondence to have a personal touch, but I also want it to look professional. Is typed impersonal? Is handwritten unprofessional?

The first part of Scott Kelby's Gonzo gear guide is out here. I am thinking about picking up the 24" softbox myself and would love the 18-200 lens.

This is a nice article on finding your officiant from Weddingbee Pro.

These bridesmaids dresses from Two Birds are so amazingly awesome that I kinda want one for myself - just because.

This is an awesome idea featured at Green Wedding Shoes...have a photographer tag along when you propose. Love her reaction.

And because I love Etsy...awesome jewelry here and those cute little paper puffs that I really wanted for Halloween here.

There is a great guest blog on Scott Kelby's site by Austin Mann. He has such a great attitude. I especially like what he said about giving old equipment to a child rather than selling it.

Style Me Pretty does these cute features where they take an inspiration board and make it into reality. This one is very pretty (and I love the sofa) check it out here and here.

Not sold on doing an engagement session? Read this article from Helen Carter Weddings before you make up your mind.

This is a very instructional article over at Digital ProTalk about dealing with difficult lighting and background situations. I was dealing with a similar problem at Weddings for Warriors (mid-priced hotel hallways are NOT cute) and I completely agree that as a pro you are not able to just phone it in. You are being paid to get a great image NO MATTER WHAT for your client.

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