Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekly Fixations - November 20th

I really love the layout of these save the dates, I think that it would be great for a promotion flyer. I actually keep really well designed junk mail. Weird, huh?

These totes would be a totally cute bridesmaid gift or memento. Or, you can just get some to cart your groceries around. You know. Whatever.

I posted a little while back about a super cool family tree program. Now, Inspired Goodness has a fun DIY version that is a "wedding tree" and uses thumb prints of all of your guests as a guest book.

If you are crafty check out the Brooklyn Bride card swap. You make and send cards and then get back handmade cards in return.

I love pretty much everything about this inspiration board from Flights of Fancy. The color scheme, the invites, the abundance of layers and ruffles...

I also think that this post at Ruffled is great with all of these budget wedding dresses. Stylish, and still on budget? Priceless.

The Happy Book, reviewed by jomygoodness, just sounds fun.

This is a good article by Chenin at Boutwell studios about tips for travelling to weddings.

Download these free printable holiday labels from i do it yourself. Now. Then, while you are there, download this font too.

Great article at Helen Carter Wedding on choosing a caterer.

Something about these photos just make me think of a nice quiet weekend alone somewhere fabulous *sigh*

Consider this your permission

And because I am a huge dork and I like teen angst vampire movies I'm ending with the fact that I am SO excited to see the new Twilight movie tonight! Yeah!

Have a great weekend!

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