Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture Monday - Sneak Peak

I used to be a summer person. When I was growing up summer was the love of my little life because it meant being outside all day, suntanning at the local pool (with fun dip), and freedom. Now that I am older, have two jobs, and live in North Carolina summer is much less about the incandescent happiness of freedom and much more - well swelteringly hot to be honest. I am now finding myself to be a fall person. Something about a perfect 70 degree day with a backdrop of yellow, red, and gold now fills me with near perfect happiness.

Yesterday was one of those perfect days. I spent yesterday evening taking some family portraits at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens - which is lovely, but be warned they charge photographers $50 per day or $100 per year to be able to shoot there. I didn't get home from the shoot until late last night, so here are a few images from the shoot SOOC. I'll post some more once I get the edits finished. Have a great Monday!

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bridechic said...

After watching All The Real Girls last night, which is a coming of age story about North Carolians and incidently shot in the Fall months, your post and images are soooo right on. The age of innocence here along with all the Fall foilage is stunning.